Music Recordings and Videos

Over the years I've developed quite a large collection of recordings and videos of myself and others playing music. 

Firstly, here is a link to my YouTube channel.  

This is my favourite video of a fun ragtime concert we did in Piteå in February 2012.  This is with Ensemble Evolution.

This is a recording of Ensemble Metatone (percussion/ipads) playing a piece by Charles Martin for percussion and ipads:

Next, a recording of Kalabash by Nigel Westlake.  We did this for Charles' Master's recital in 2009. 

Here is Ompahlo Centric Lecture performed at my final Honours recital in 2011:

Here's an interesting one.  While I was in Sweden the first time (Christmas 2010/11), Maria Finkelmeier finished composing and publishing this work, and we made a recording to go with it.  It's a marimba mini-concerto called Hittade (meaning "found" in Swedish).  I'm playing glockenspiel and bongos.

Next up are some recordings.  

This is one of my favourites: Knockin' on Wood recorded with Ensemble Evolution.  Anders Åstrand really helped with the realisation of this one, and it turned out really nice.

This one is composed by Charles.  We recorded this when he was home in mid 2011, and then performed it at This Is Not Art (TINA) in Newcastle in October.  This is called Walk on a White Path, and is about snow in Sweden.  I'm playing the steady marimba part and Charles is playing vibes.

Lastly, something from our duo set.  This is me and Charles playing Nola, by Felix Arndt, on xylophone (me) and vibes (Charles).  It's great now I have my own xylophone, maybe I can record these again!


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