Youtube (knitting)
Youtube (music)

Violet le Beaux - Cute clothes!  Cute style!

the girl never gets older - Gorgeous photography of outfits.

Craft and Sewing
Four Square Walls - This girl writes in a cute funny way and sews lovely clothes.

Violet le Beaux - She also sews and makes stuff!

Dinosaur Comics - It's a comic about talking dinosaurs!
Questionable Content - a long-running comic that I just have to keep reading forever.
Unshelved - A comic about working in a library, which I like because I work in a library.

My etsy shop, Saturday's Specimen - Updated sometimes.
Bob Boutique - A nice little Australian webshop that sells accessories and clothes.  Really cute designs!  I really like their hankies.

Modcloth - All the latest fashions for women.  From America.
Victorian Maiden - My favourite brand.
Melche Shutilforc - now known as Mur Melche.  My second favourite brand.
Spoonflower - You can design your own fabric prints, and look at thousands of others!  The designs can be printed on a range of different fabrics and even wallpapers!

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