First Granville blouse!

I jumped on the bandwagon and made myself a wonderful Granville blouse!
For those who don't know, this is one of two new blouse patterns from Sewaholic.  (The other, the Oakridge blouse, will be coming soon to my life I'm sure).
The backstory on this is that we were about to go to Japan and I decided that I needed a blouse.  TWO days before we left.  So I kind of sewed myself crazy in those two days and wound up with a pretty good shirt.

Here's me after sewing for two days straight.  I sewed that skirt too.
I made the non-pocketed version out of some vintage cotton a friend gave me.
I am between sizes but went a size down, because I looked at the finished measurements and decided that there was too much wearer's ease for my liking.  It turned out pretty snug but comfortable for me.  I had been warned that Sewaholic patterns are quite hippy (i.e. big at the hips, not wears tie-dye at music festivals and believes in crystals), but sizing down worked fine for my normal sized hips.
I made a couple of super spacktarded errors, completely due to me being in such a rush.  I didn't mark the wrong side of my fabric, thinking I could tell the difference (I couldn't), and so have two plackets that go the same way instead of mirror image.  I know, super dumb.  Also it took me like two hours to figure out how to do that yoke, and I had to unpick it twice.  Also I sewed one dart on the right side and had to undo it, except then unpicked the wrong one, etc.  I had to re-do a bunch of stuff because I was rushing.
It turns out that when you rush and cut corners, you take twice as long because you're always unpicking.
However, the only actual thing wrong with my completed shirt is the one placket being the wrong way round.  Apart from that it's great!  It made a really good layer in Japan when it was cold.  Also while in Japan I bought a bunch more fabric to make more Granville shirts!  Stay tuned!


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