Completed - owl eyes cardigan

So while I've been recuperating from my surgery, I knit a cardigan!
This is "Ginny's Cardigan", from the Interweave Harry Potter special magazine. While I was in America I picked up a copy of the pattern.
I used Berocco Ultra Alpaca in a brand new colourway which I can't find on ravelry.
My buttons are shell buttons from my stash. I think I got them from a garage sale!
I made a few changes to the pattern. I shortened the amount of ribbing on the sleeves (got sick of it) and also shortened the sleeves considerably. My arms are short. I also opted for ribbing around the neckline instead of garter stitch, and I put a buttonhole in the neck band too.
I love the lace panel. It looks like owl eyes!
This cardigan is great because it's long enough to wear with jeans but it doesn't look weird with skirts either. It's The Perfect Length! One criticism is that the sleeves are incredibly tight, especially near the wrist. I figured they'd loosen up with wear but they're still pretty tight.
I also made the blouse I'm wearing - it's New Look 6107 (or thereabouts) and the fabric is a silk from Liberty that my old boss gave me. She must have bought it twenty years ago! Isn't it a great 90s print!
These photos were taken on one of the first walks I took after my surgery so no makeup. That's why I look a bit bedraggled. But you don't read this for my face do you! Do you?
I am writing this post using Blogsy, which is an iPad app for writing blog posts. We're going overseas in a month and I want to blog without my laptop! So far it's ok, but I think anything on iPad will be a bit cumbersome. Does anyone have a suggestion?



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