Thursday, October 2, 2014

Completed - knitted sunhat?!?!

So a friend's birthday was coming up and she requested that I make her a sunhat!
Originally she had suggested a pattern which was crocheted and was for babies and was in russian or something.  So I suggested this pattern instead, which was knitted, for grownups, and in English!
Pattern: Wind and Sea
My Ravelry Notes Here

The knitting went very well, all fine and done in a day and a half.  The problem came when I had to find the millinery wire for the brim.  Lincraft had NO millinery wire, so I bought some stuff called "memory wire".  When I got it out of the packet it was just like a slinky and didn't want to straighten. This is what happened when I tried to straighten it and put it in the brim:
Obviously not working.  
So I went to my parents' house and dad had some wire leftover from some other project.  After straightening out it worked out ok.  So it's done!
Present sorted.  


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