Completed - Jacket!!

Things have been a bit quiet here on the ol' blog.  I apologise!  Work and husband stuff has been taking up my life.  Husband stuff is not what you'd think, it's actually us doing a whole lot of performances and work for his studies.  It's fun and I'd never say no, but it takes time.

So!  Here's the jacket I made last term (!) for my course at CIT.  I am really happy with it, and wow I even passed the course!
I'm afraid that's the best photo there is.  

The pattern is Vogue 8701, which also has a really nice dress pattern.  Might get onto that soon too!

No buttons, just pinned at CIT.

The fabric is a wool tweed I found at a St Vinnie's in Braidwood.  The places you find things!

The lining is a silk/cotton from Spoonflower, which has small screw heads as the print!

Cute back pleat detail.

So yes!  I'm loving this new jacket.  It's wonderfully warm and structured.  It took me a loooong time to complete, as it's so detailed and difficult, but it was worth the effort.  I have some lovely dark brown wool to make a second version now too!!

In one of my recent Craft Catchup videos I looked at this jacket in detail.  Worth a look if you're interested in jackets!!


  1. Oh hon, that jacket is gorgeous! I love the little points at the front, they create such a lovely shape. Well done!

    1. Thanks Vanessa! It's the kind of jacket I'd buy in the shops which is why I made this design. Super flattering!

  2. Omg you made a jacket? Congrats, what an achievement! Well done! !

    1. Thanks Jo! It was super hard! There were something like 50 pattern pieces when they were all cut out. It was crazy!


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