Arts and Crafts Show 2014 - Snapshots!

Today I've finally got some snapshots from this year's Arts and Crafts Show at my church.  I personally made about $150 from selling my homemade lemon marmalade and a couple of knitted hats!  I also sold another Dr Who scarf and a crochet blanket!  It was funny, I was actually on the sales desk and was the person to sell the blanket to the buyer, and she was so pleased to meet the maker.  The Show is such a lovely community event!
Notes below each picture!

Christmas cakes!  These are supposed to keep for over 6 months and they looked amazing!

Cute little pincushions made of colourful socks!

A small selection of the silk scarves

Colourful knitting for children

Isn't this little cardigan adorbs?  I'm thinking of making a big one for myself!

Cute little toys.  I'm sure I had a scarecrow just like this little fellow.

Covered coathangers - always useful!

Super cute felt Christmas decorations - these angels went flying out the door

Some pottery Potato Pots (for making the perfect microwave potato) and muffin pots!

More lovely glazed pottery

Some lovely earrings - I spoke to the lady who made these who explained the process of heating the metal, adding chemicals to get all the colours, then adding more chemicals and doing more heating and cooling.... each earring is different!  It was like alchemy.

This year the Arts and Crafts Show raised around $8000 for charities.  We gave money to some homelessness charities, Companion House (for refugees), Samaritan Fund (a Canberra Hospital charity that provides essentials to people who came to hospital with nothing), Paperworks (a local charity helping the disabled), as well as several others.

As well as craft, there were daily concerts in the church hall where Charles and I played as Sticks and Tones!  There were also billions of choirs and other ensembles.

Next year the Show is on the last weekend in June - the 26th, 27th, and 28th.  Hope to see you there!


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