Completed - Shilshole hoodie!

This jumper is soooo comfy you guys.  It's so comfy I'm laughing in this photo.
 I made a LOT of modifications to this pattern.  If you have a look at the original design, you'll immediately see some of the changes I made.  For reference, here's the pattern photo:
1. Instead of garter stitch, I used 3*3 rib everywhere applicable: the bottom band, the cuffs, and the hood edge.  I just don't like how garter stitch looks.
2. I changed the sleeves to seamed (in the round sleeves drive me bonkers)
3. I changed the stripe pattern on the sleeves to match with the body
4. I didn't do little white squares, I did a stripe (who has time for that)
5. I changed the yoke design slightly (to simplify)
6. Did stripes on the hood istead of making it plain.
7. Added a stripe in to the pocket section.
Sleeves: I made up one as the pattern instructed and it was too long on my short arms.  This happens all the time.  So I worked out how many rows to take out, and then I wrote myself a new colour pattern so it matched the colours on the body.  You have to work down from the top so it matches properly.  My arms are longer than the body so there's an extra grey and white stripe on the sleeves.  When I stand to attention they match!
This hood be POINTY!  But it's cute now I'm used to it.  I really love the relaxed fit of this jumper, it's so different from the usual style I've been making.  This is awesome because I can wear it over jeans and it's so warm!
 The kangaroo pocket was fun to do - it was done by picking up stitches at the front using a lifeline, then knitting to the same length as the main front and then joining by knitting together.
 The raglan shaping was hard.  I just found the pattern really hard to follow somehow!  I'm not quite sure what went wrong but it was hard to follow.  I had to write it all out in longhand in order to get it right, and had to frog a few times.
I'm thinking of reverting back to Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic instead of luxury.  All my Luxury items are pilling beyond belief!  Although Classic is more scratchy, my Milena cardigan is still as new, whereas my Chuck jumper is already a world of pills.  I'd say I wear them about the same amount, so I might have to remake everything in Classic. But they don't have 10ply!!!
I wore this jumper all weekend at the Arts and Crafts Show, got a billion compliments, and was super warm against the ridiculous weather.  It was sooo cold last weekend! But I was snuggy as anything in my beautiful new hoodie.  Two thumbs up!

As usual you can see more detailed notes and in-progress photos on my Ravelry page.  Thanks for looking!


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