Me-Made-May days 24 - 31!

It's over!  This is what I wore for the last 8 days of May.

Saturday 24th
Miette cardigan. Today I did a whole lot of exercise and chores n' stuff.

Sunday 25th
Black Miette, and Lady Skater dress.  I had to accompany my student in his year 12 recital!  He was fantastic.  Please excuse crazy hair, I hadn't looked in the mirror yet and thought it'd be ok!  Of course Charles didn't notice T_T

Monday 26th
These are my handmade pyjamas!  The top is traced of a singlet top I already had, and the shorts are from a boxer shorts pattern I used in textiles in year 7!  They still fit :-)  Mostly because they're stretchy.  I'm not sure if I wore handmade during the day but I've been wearing these most nights.

Tuesday 27th
This is a handmade blouse, I forget the pattern.  I think that originally it was a weird old pattern and I just decided to put pleats in the front. I kind of love it but the fabric is extremely fray-y and it has fallen apart on me before.

Wednesday 28th
Another Lady Skater dress (or the same one maybe) for another student's recital.  Isn't this jumper cool?  Mum bought it for me as an early birthday present.

Thursday 29th
Chuck jumper and alpaca scarf - a favourite outfit of mine.

Friday 30th
You don't get to see my face here.  Owls jumper. A bead popped off this and I can't find it anywhere!

Red and blue, how patriotic or something.  Unblogged long-sleeved lady skater dress, and Chuck jumper.

Round-up and reflections post to come!


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