Completed - Crocheted Ripple Blanket

I have finally finished a very, very, VERY long-going project.  My giant ripple blanket! I don't think I ever blogged it before, at least not that I can find.  Enjoy some progress photos and comments!
I literally began this project in 2006 and have worked on it on and off since.  I remember crocheting in my first year at ANU, in youth orchestra!  It was nice to crochet in winter sitting on the couch with my parents, as it would cover them too!
For the stripe order I used the Random Stripe Generator, which is a fantastic tool for this kind of thing.  I just imput all the colours I had and told it to give me rows!
My problem was that the blanket was ending up TOO huge.  Once I started the blanket at a certain length, it was constrained to that size.  I realised that it was so wide that it went to the floor on either side of my queen size bed.  Too wide!  So... I cut!
Which wasn't nearly as difficult as I'd imagined.  I just had to ensure all the ends were tied off and were not going to unravel.  I made it wide enough that it would cover the bed but not obliterate the bed.
Then I edged the whole thing with a row of the teal colour.  I was foolish to start the blanket with teal, because I only had one skein and couldn't find any more!  I eventually found some more in a wool shop in Melbourne but by then I couldn't just introduce it in the middle.  The edging covered up any untidy cutting remains.
And here it is!  I showed it to an old lady friend of mine who said "it's like a jewel!!" so I always think that.
I learned to crochet from my nana (at least in part).  Before she died I showed this to her in her nursing home.  She was very sad at that time, and constantly anxious, but when I showed her this she pored over it and was happy that she had taught me how to do it.  Handmade things bring happiness!
So now it's on our bed and we're nice and cozy!  Tonight it's going to be -2 so we need it!


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