Me-Made-May days 3 to 9!

Me-made-may is HARD! 

Regular pants, my Owls jumper, and a hat I designed myself! It's a little bit but I'm working on releasing the pattern. It has a snowman on it :-) 

 Visited my parents on Sunday, wore my self-drafted bodice dress and my alpaca scarf.  It's getting so cold!

Wore my wonky culottes, alpaca scarf, and Chuck jumper.  Taught all day!!

Tuesday is my day off teaching when I work for an elderly lady who lives around the corner.  This is my Nympheas jumper

Handmade skirt from 1000 years ago, Amber Bramble jumper.  Sorry I look bald in this photo, I was at my parents' house and it's hard to get a non-dappled photo there!

Thursday: I didn't get a photo for Thursday!  I taught early, then picked up Charles from the airport, then taught until 5:30, then had to cook dinner and put Charles to bed.  He was so tired!  But it was dark before I realised I hadn't taken a photo.  I wore basically what I wore on wednesday - that skirt and a regular cardigan.

Here's a new dress that hasn't been blogged.  It's a long-sleeved Lady Skater dress!  And my Milena cardigan.  My Milena cardigan is pretty annoying to wear - it's super warm and has a billion buttons so I should only wear it when I'm SURE I'm not going to overheat and take it off.  Also I look like Christmas.

That's it so far!  And I haven't even worn all of my handknits!


  1. You're such a clever cookie! I can't believe you made all those gorgeous things. Without a doubt though, the owl jumper is my favourite.

    1. Thank you! I am struggling but it's going ok so far. I've worn that jumper the most too!

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