Me-Made-May, days 17 - 23

Saturday 17th
Tonight we had the finale of the Canberra International Music Festival.  I wore my black Lady Skater dress (unblogged)

Sunday 18th
Finally a day off!  I wore my black ponte pants and my owls blouse.  Those pants are starting to pill already, terrible Lincraft ponte!

Monday 19th
To teach today I wore my half-circle skirt (I haven't worn it since I made it nearly 2 years ago) and my Amber Bramble jumper.

Tuesday 20th
A day off from work, and it was cold.  I wore my snowman beanie, which I finally embroidered!
Do you like my hat?

Wednesday 21st
Teaching and CIT today.  This is my other black Lady Skater Dress and my milena cardigan.  I got som many comments on my tights!

Thursday 22nd
Sorry for the dark picture.  Today was my Milena cardigan and my tartan stretch skirt.  The zip is kind of weird in that skirt and I need to fix it, but I wore it anyway!

Friday 23rd
I'm sorry.  I totally flaked.  Today was a planned day off from life.


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