Me-Made-May 1 and 2

It's begun!  Prepare for some really derpy photos!  Charles is away until next Thursday so expect pretty bad photos until then.  Photos are *hard*.

Yesterday, Thursday, I was teaching all day.  These photos were taken by my mum at my parents' house, where it's almost impossible to find anywhere not dappled in sunlight.   I do have legs, they're just invisible.
I wore a me-made blouse, jumper, and scarf!

Today, Friday, I don't have much on so I'm doing chores and work at home.  I'm wearing my Owls jumper and a blouse I made for CIT.  It's the Hawthorn peplum blouse by Colette patterns.  Photos were taken by a chair and a self timer.
(Seriously what is wrong with my face in this photo)

I think Me-Made-May will be quite a challenge, I'm already struggling!  But I WILL DO IT.  More photos on Friday next week!


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