Me-Made-May 2014!

This is the first year I've decided that I have enough handmade clothes to last me throughout the whole of Me-Made-May!  I made my pledge today over on So, Zo.  Here it is:

I, Christina of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May 2014.  I endeavour to wear at least one handmade item (excluding underpants which are mostly handmade) every day for the duration of May 2014.

I won't be able to wear unique items every day, I just don't have enough.  But I might be surprised!  Some days I find myself wearing 100% me-made clothes (excluding footwear and bras) - and some nights too!  I have 2 pairs of handmade pyjamas which are in high rotation.  Plus I think I have an advantage because I have a bunch of knitting as well as sewing!

Why Participate?
1. I really love the handmade/sewing online community and I like to participate as much as I can.  It'd be nice to get some new readers too!
2. I'm looking forward to finding some holes in my handmade wardrobe and filling them!  For example, I like to wear t-shirts and pants on weekends and I have no handmade t-shirts.  Billions of skirts though.
3. This will give me a chance to figure out why I don't wear some things I made.  And then when the month is over, I will be able to re-work or chuck out the stuff I don't like!
4. It's fun to do challenges!

I'm going to take photos of each handmade outfit and post them on my blog - possibly not daily but in a weekly round up.  I prefer that format on other people's blogs so I should stick to that right??

Here's where you can sign up on So, Zo's blog
Here's a link to the flickr pool where people will post photos
Here's a link to the Me-Made-May Pinterest board

Will you join Me-Made-May??


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