The Great British Sewing Bee Series 2 Episode 3 - Knits!

I am really enjoying this series of the Great British Sewing Bee.  It seems better structured than the first series - and also it has more episodes!  Always a win.
Episode three of this series was on working with knit or stretch fabric.  This is something lots of sewers find a bit challenging! I've been trying to work with knits a bit, making underpants and a few other knit things (post to come!).

The first challenge - the "pattern" challenge - was to make a pair of leggings to fit the mannequin.  Different fabrics produce a different amount of stretch, so the contestents had to be sure to measure accurately and adjust the pattern accordingly.

The creative challenge was to take a large men's plain t-shirt and make it into something different!  I always love to think of what I'd make in this challenge.  This time I would have made a pair of underpants and maybe a singlet if possible!  That's certainly a big change to the t-shirt!

The fitting challenge was to make a wrap dress to fit the models.  Some of these dresses were absolutely gorgeous, things I'd like to wear!

This is such a great program - even my husband Charles looks forward to it each week.  I'm naughty and download it but I think in some countries you can watch it on youtube (not available here).

Not much of a review today but I recommend you get into this show!!


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