Recipe - Christina's Chicken and Veggie Get-Well Soup

I was talking to my brother on the phone (who is a great chef at a well known restaurant) and saying how I wanted a recipe for a nice chicken and vegetable soup.  I said "I want it to have celery, carrots, potatoes, and corn…" and he said "You don't need a recipe, just make a soup with that!"

Tonight we dined on the most filling, hearty, tasty, and healthy home made soup.  It makes enough for 8 serves, so we have 3 boxes of soup in the freezer for next time!

Ingredients (everything chopped to your liking): 

3 chicken breasts
1 packet of bacon (3-4 rashers)

3 large carrots
1 huge onion
5 - 6 stalks of celery (I really like celery)
2 large potatoes or 4 small (I used two medium-large and one small)
1-2 large corn cobs or two small tins of corn kernels (corn is quite sweet so this alters the flavour quite a bit)
a whole lot of kale/spinach/silverbeet
1 cup pearl barley
500ml chicken stock
500ml vegetable stock
herbs - whatever tickles your fancy. I used tarragon and rosemary I think.

Firstly fry your bacon a bit.  It doesn't need to be super crunchy, just cooked a little.  Now add in all the things except the kale, mix, and cook it up!  We used a pressure cooker set to high pressure for 30 minutes, and then put the kale in last.  If you don't have a pressure cooker, just put it in a large pot and simmer for a couple of hours.  I recommend getting a pressure cooker though!

When it's done you might need to add some water to thin it out, I added about 2 cups and brought it back to a boil.  Eat with a bit of buttered toast for pure luxury!



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