Pants! Knitwit pattern 2100.

Look!  I made some pants!
These crazy pants are KnitWit 2100, and I chose to do view A (the easy one).  View B has pockets and more difficult fastenings at the waistband.  I omitted the pleat down the middle to avoid looking too much like a nana!  I got the pattern from an op shop, I love knitwit patterns!
The fabric was a gift from Charles' grandmother, and is a fairly old cotton-elastic blend knit.  I can tell it's got elastic in it because it's perishing slightly!  It doesn't quite stretch back into shape when I pull it.  I made these pants as a toile, as I'd bought some nice black ponte to make another pair.
The alterations I plan to make include making the legs narrower, getting rid of the sagging at the hips (not really noticeable because of the fabric here, but I notice), and maybe making the waist lower.
The fit at my butt is pretty good.

Pretty happy with these pants though.  I'm goint to wear them all the time!
Maybe.  They do look a bit like pyjamas.


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