New Year's Resolutions update - how am I going?

I thought it would be nice to review on how I'm going with my resolutions!

1. Floss my teeth DAILY!
Am totally winning at this.  My dentist will be SO THRILLED.

2. Write in my diary daily.
Also winning at this!

3. Get up earlier.
Not really winning at this.  I have terrible sleep problems.  Last night I literally did not sleep at all, I was so nervous about my first day back at teaching.  I'm trying to take melatonin pills at the same time each night but it doesn't do much.  My problem is tension, not anything physical.  So usually if I'm sleeping at 8am, I want to stay sleeping for as long as possible.  Hopefully eventually I'll settle into a routine and begin to sleep better, and then I can transfer it to waking up earlier… or should I do it the other way around?  I start teaching at 7:20am on Mondays so that will kick start me.

4. Buy less and have less.
I think I'm doing ok at this.  I did buy some t-shirts and shoes the other day, but I think I need those things to function!  The problem is now getting rid of some t-shirts and shoes that I don't want!  I haven't bought anything big or expensive though, despite really wanting a particular dress from Review...

5. Use up a bunch of my stash.
Very much winning!  Yesterday I managed to make a whole dress out of a piece that's been hanging in my stash.  A few weeks ago I made a cushion out of a skirt that was silly.  I also found some old UFOs that I might try to finish soon.  I have plans for a lot of my stash too.  It's still huge - embarrassingly huge.

6. Sew more wearable clothes for me.
This dress I made yesterday I totally wore to work today!  And I also wore the jumper I knitted recently!  So yes, doing quite well.  It's a matter of finding a few patterns that really work for your style and just recycling them!

7. Finish projects before starting new ones.
Winning SO HARD at this!  It is also great because I feel less stressed about all my projects - now I'm just feeling stressed about my stash.  So far this year I've finished my ripple blanket (post to come - it's a biggie), my Amber Bramble jumper, my lace chevron scarf, and I'm working on finishing my Milena cardigan (doing the sleeves now!  Nearly done!).  

I'm also getting fitter (so far)!  Charles bought me a FitBit, which has been encouraging me to get out and walk more.  It rewards you with buzzes and lights when you walk more than 10000 steps!  Hopefully 2014 will be a happier, healthier year!


  1. You're doing such an awesome job! Congratulations.
    I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble sleeping. I've started using restorative yoga to calm me down before bed, and it's been working a treat. I do a session about two hours before bed time, and I find it really relaxing and soothing. There are loads of free tutorial videos on Youtube. It might not work for you but it's worth a shot!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I've been considering meditation or yoga for a while. I just find that my mind races at bedtime and I can't get comfortable. Progressive muscle relaxation can only do so much :-(
      PS Do you get notified when there's a reply to your comment? I never know if this works.


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