Completed - Tania Culottes AND Hawthorn Dress!

Double whammy coming at ya!

I made another pair of Megan Nielsen's Tania culottes!  This one I love the best.  The fabric is light and flowy, the length is perfect for me, love love love.
The fabric is a beautiful thin brushed cotton, which I bought at St Vinnie's in Braidwood on our way home from the coast a couple of months ago.  It sounds nuts but I buy a lot of fabric at op shops, they often have a big yardage and the fabric is usually lovely quality.  You can get some cute retro prints too.
 But!  Observe!  The fabric has stretched on the bias, leaving me with long bits at the sides!
 I've never been one to leave a garment hanging to even out the hem, because I always want to wear it out immediately.  In this garment's case, I needed to wear it to Adelaide the next day.
So I ended up with kind of wonky culottes.  I don't think you notice much, but I learned my lesson.  Next time I deal with a pattern that's so circular, I'll leave it to hang overnight at least!

 Which brings me to my next project out of the same fabric!  I had a bunch left over and made another Colette Hawthorn dress!
 I am pretty amazed I got another entire dress out of this fabric.  I have to admit some of my layout was a bit creative, so I have some upside-down pieces etc, but you don't notice with this busy print.
It looks like I have a bit of bias stretch on this too.  Flipping heck.
 I made this in a super hurry because I wanted to wear it to teach in last week.  But I think I'm getting quicker and better at this pattern - it all came together well.
 My only alterations were to make it slightly shorter and do a teeny-tiny hem (fabric constraints), and I made the back facing longer.  On my other one it keeps popping up, but just a bit longer and it stays put.
I like it with a belt.  The buttons were kind of expensive at $1.30 each at Lincraft - but I got one extra since there was only 1 left in the tube after she counted them out.  Bargain??  Not really since I didn't need it.

It's a bit hard to see but I made belt loops using needle lace.  It's easy, you just make a few loops where you want it and then blanket stitch around the threads the whole way accross.
I wore it four days in a row teaching.  But that's okay, because I teach a different schools.  Nobody knew I was recycling my outfit!!


  1. Love the Hawthorne, it's such a good style! The buttons were worth the money, they match perfectly.

    1. Thank you! Hawthorn is that dress I know works for me. Did you end up making some culottes too? Also could you reply again if this gets through to you? I don't know if my replies are going through.


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