Finished! Dr Who Scarf

Finally a blog post about something I made!  Ravelry page here!
This is a Christmas present for my brother.  I'm pretty sure he doesn't have time to look at my blog so I'm safe.  He also asked for it so I think he'd already have an inkling about it!
My brother (who is quite a bit older than me) loved Dr Who as a kid, especially Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor.  
This doctor's "thing" was his enormous scarf!  Each season it was different.  The scarf I chose to replicate is the one from seasaon 14.  I chose this one because I loved the colour combinations, they seemed the most like Dr Who to me.  
There is a website that's entirely devoted to the scarves of the 4th Doctor, where I got my pattern from.  I found it through Ravelry.  Someone has gone through and counted all the rows in all of the scarves and figured out all the patterns!  It's incredibly detailed.  Here's my pattern:

And here's the finished object!
No loops

One loop around my neck.

Two loops

Three loops!

It's much bigger than me!  The fringe on the ends is made of all of the colours.  I couldn't find the exact colours the pattern required, my brown and grey are both too light, and my red is not quite right either.  But I'm so happy with the way it looks, the colours blend beautifully.  Paul had better wear it every day!


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