Tuesday, Frocktober the 8th! Dressed for a coffee

A couple of gooby photos today... apparently I kept talking and got photos of me in the middle of words!  These were the two best photos out of 9.
I'm in our kitchen!  It's tiny.  This dress is from Felt, a cute little shop in civic.  I'm fairly sure it's upcycled from an old dress.  Very casual and simple!
I'm glad to be home after such a tiring trip to Newcastle.  Today I'm meeting a friend for coffee (soon) and then I'm going to focus on finishing some craft projects before going to my brother's house for dinner.  I keep starting projects and not finishing them!  And now my house is full of half-done projects. Things I need to finish: 3 knitting projects, 1 crochet project, 1 pair of undies (sewn), 1 dress (sewn), 1 percussion composition.  I'm not allowed to start anything new until some of that is done!


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