Thursday, Frocktober the 31st! Last day!

Ahh today is the last day of Frocktober.  Today I had to cancel some more students as I'm still sick.  This is not a mere trifling cold, this cold means business.  At the moment the right side of my head is very sore.  Why not both sides? ASK MY SINUSES.
 Frocktober has been really hard and I've learnt a lot!  
Things I have learnt:
1. You can't make your facebook friends give you money!
2. Most of my dresses don't get worn very often!
3. I do not like wearing makeup every day for photos!
4. I suck at posing!

Anyway, today is my last Luck Be A Lady Dress.  I'm not sponsored by Modcloth, haha!  If only.  But I really do love these dresses, I wish they had more colours that weren't gross!

As for raising money, at the time of writing I have raised $521.  My goal was $700 so I'm a bit short, but it's still good money for a good cause.  I sure don't want ovarian cancer.  My ovaries give me enough trouble already!  You can still donate to my Frocktober page for a while, so please feel free.  I'm going to put in a donation myself!


  1. I can't believe Frocktober is over already! It feels as though you just started.
    Well done for raising so much cash. You should be so proud of yourself.

    1. Thank you! I still haven't blogged since, it completely wore me out!

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