Thursday, Frocktober the 10th! Victorian Maiden!

Today I'm wearing a favourite of mine - Victorian Maiden's Rose Stripe Shirring dress
It goes quite well with my Miette cardigan that I knitted.
Today I'm having lunch with a friend, and it's forecast to be 31 degrees today!  31!  That's just like summer already.  So I may be forced to change into a cooler dress later.  Even though this is a "summer" Lolita dress, it's quite warm.  There's a lot of fabric, and all that shirring feels like someone's giving me a warm hug.  Plus petticoat.
Yesterday I finished my part of mum's jacket, now she has to hem it and do the closures.  I'm really pleased that it's mostly finished now!  I've also done 5 rows on my crochet project (full post when it's done).  Today I hope to do some more crochet and maybe try looking at that dress I'm sewing!  I like writing my to-dos here, it keeps me doing stuff!


  1. I love everything about this outfit, especially those shoes. Your cardigan is such a pretty colour. I wish I could wear orange, but it always leaves me looking really washed out. It looks fantastic on you though!

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