Sunday, Frocktober the 6th! Electrofringe in a garlic dress?!

Today we got up super early in the morning to drive to Newcastle for Electrofringe!  The reason we had to get up so early is because we were scheduled to perform at 2, and today Daylight Savings started!  Newcastle is about 5 hours drive away, so... we got up at 6:30 (old time) and only just got here in time.  We did stop for breaks though!
It is hot here!  This photo was taken at about 7pm when it was cooling down but it was like 33 degrees earlier.  
 This is my Garlic dress... because I bought it at Gilroy outlets in California almost exactly one year ago.  Oh and Gilroy is famous for growing garlic and the whole time we were there it stank of garlic.  It was this swelteringly hot day in Gilroy and the garlic fields got smellier as the day got hotter.  Imagine living in Gilroy if you didn't like garlic.
Neck gear today is a cool dinosaur necklace my friend Pete gave me, and my electrofringe artist pass!  Electrofringe is associated with This Is Not Art (TINA), which is a pretty big arts festival on this long weekend here every year.  Next year I'd like to go for the whole weekend, not just sunday!  We're staying overnight and coming home tomorrow yay!


  1. I'll admit, when I read the title of this post I was like "Garlic dress? What the what?" but now I totally understand where you're coming from! I really love the colour of this dress. Blue looks gorgeous on you!

    1. I really love this dress too. I feel HAWT when I wear it because it's kinda short and flattering! You can tell my tall husband took these photos today because I look like a munchkin.


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