Monday, Frocktober the 21st! Looong monday.

Today was a super long day.  First we had percussion ensemble before school at 7:20am.  Then I taught boys until about 1.  After lunch I had a brief nap, did a bunch of chores, and then went off to ANU to record a piece for a composer friend.  We were there until about 8:30, so we ordered a pizza to pick up on our way home.
Poor Charles worked harder than I did today - he taught right up until we had our recording (almost).  He is sooo tired right now.
This dress is - you guessed it - another Luck Be A Lady dress.  This is probably my most-worn one, it has so many colours (mostly purples, but also coral, yellow, and blue) and goes with a lot of different tights and cardigans.  Today it was cool in the morning and then got super hot and now it's pouring with rain!  SPRING WEATHER, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.


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