Monday, Frocktober the 21st! Looong monday.

Today was a super long day.  First we had percussion ensemble before school at 7:20am.  Then I taught boys until about 1.  After lunch I had a brief nap, did a bunch of chores, and then went off to ANU to record a piece for a composer friend.  We were there until about 8:30, so we ordered a pizza to pick up on our way home.
Poor Charles worked harder than I did today - he taught right up until we had our recording (almost).  He is sooo tired right now.
This dress is - you guessed it - another Luck Be A Lady dress.  This is probably my most-worn one, it has so many colours (mostly purples, but also coral, yellow, and blue) and goes with a lot of different tights and cardigans.  Today it was cool in the morning and then got super hot and now it's pouring with rain!  SPRING WEATHER, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.


  1. Such a nice dress on you! Perfect colour combo.

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