Friday, Frocktober the 4th! Modcloth's Indie Darling Dress

 Today's dress is Modcloth's Indie Darling dress. This is the first thing I ever bought from Modcloth, and it started a long and glorious relationship with the website. Unfortunately this dress was (and still is) much too big for me really - the armholes hang down, the lace neckline is scandalously low, and it's generally baggy.  It looks ok here, but let me tell you it is loose.  It's also a pain to iron, all those fiddly shoulder bits!  Incidentally the cardigan is also from Modcloth but it's gone now.
Today I'm going to go to my parents' house and do some sewing with mum.  I'm helping her finish a jacket she started making about 4 years ago.  We started yesterday and almost finished the outer shell, today we're doing the lining.
I realise now that I'm wearing my tights backwards and you can see the heels at the front of my ankles. Just pretend you didn't see.
And appropriately, my necklace has sewing shears, a thread spool, and a safety pin!  I got this necklace in a cute shop in Sydney (can't remember the name)... such fun!


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