Our 1st Anniversary

On the 18th of August it was our one year wedding anniversary.  It was a Sunday and we were pretty busy that weekend, so we didn't celebrate much.  Charles had been away in Perth all week too!
To mark the occasion, I got dressed up in my wedding dress again!  It still fits :-)

 It is a pretty nice dress.  I'm happy with it.
Holding up one finger because it's our first anniversary!

I was happy to take it off about half an hour later... that thing is tight around my chest!  I don't know how I managed it for a whole day last year.  I remember being a bit uncomfortable but put up with it!

Charles gave me the Merchant & Mills Sewing Book as a present.  He bought it in Perth.  Such a lovely hipster book about sewing!  It has some simple patterns in it too.  Mabye I'll do a review of this sometime if you like?

Yay for a whole year of marriage!  So far I love being married, it's just great to be able to hug the person you love anytime you want.  Highly recommended.


  1. Congratulations! I love that you wore your wedding dress for your first anniversary. The pictures of the two of you together are just too cute. Many blessings to you both!

    1. Thanks! It's actually my parents' tradition for mum to wear her wedding dress on their anniversary, they still do it and they've been married about 40 years! Some years I've had to help her do up the zip, but she can still get into it! It's a lovely tradition. If only my dress was as comfortable as hers!

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