Frocktober starts tomorrow!

Oh my goodness you guys!  It's nearly Frocktober time and I can't believe how fast the year has gone!

Here is my Frocktober page where you can donate to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund!  Every time you do an ovary says thankyou!

I have had a look at all my dresses and sorted them into categories: work appropriate, not work appropriate, and hard to wear.  Unsurprisingly, all of my Lolita dresses fall into the last category.  Here's my list (a lot of the names are things only I'd understand):

Work appropriate:
Luck be a lady dress in red
Luck be a lady dress in purple
Luck be a lady dress in green
Luck be a lady dress in dots
Luck be a lady dress in blue dots
Luck be a lady dress in scholar
Luck be a lady dress in potpourri
Grey dress similar to Luck be a lady dress
Blue "vintage" dress
Red black tartan
Purple Soda fountain dress
Red and blue hearts dress
Green tartan dress from Felt
Pink spots dress from Felt
Perth floral pink dress
Cue polkadot dress
Colette Hawthorn
Fireside glow

Not work appropriate :
Tree of life dyed dress
Garlic dress
Old brown dress
Indie darling
Galaxy dress

Hard to wear: 
Review dress red
Review dress black
Cue black dress
VM adele
Vm British check
VM ribbon stripe
Etc dress
Melche shutilforc dress
Silk cherubims
Spotty black tight dress

A lot of the "hard to wear" dresses are too tight or too frilly.  Some of the "work inappropriate" dresses are just worn out!  And most of my work dresses are Luck Be A Lady.  My plan is to wear the "hard to wear" and "work inappropriate" dresses when I'm on holidays, for the next two weeks.  Just making things easy for myself!
I have some dresses I'm planning to sell, so obviously I'm not including them in my Frocktober!  Also, I hope to make some more dresses which I'll wear instead of something on this list.  Hopefully, by the end of the month I'll know which dresses I want to toss out!  This list has more than 31 dresses in it, so I'll skip some of course.  And I'll try to save the best til last!!
All ready to go!


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