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I thought I'd start a thing for Mondays where I write about what's been happening over the week, and what I plan for my life and my blog for the coming week!  On Mondays I teach from 7:15am until about 2, so then I can come home and relax and blog!

So much has been happening over the last few weeks!  But I'm going to keep this one about my friend's wedding. My friend Kerrie got married on Saturday!
Kerrie, who is quite a bit older than me, ran then youth group at my church until recently when it kind of dissolved (we all became adults and not youths.  Actually that happened ages ago).  She is the most kind and loving person I know!  Last year she had some very bad health problems and had to go through Chemotherapy, and she lost all of her hair, so I made her this beanie which she wore the whole time.  She's all better now, and she has beautiful short hair!  I organised a youth group party for her and her fiance two weeks before the wedding.  Pics:
 We had kareoke, or Kerrieoke since it was Kerrie.  Here's me and my best friend Shona singing some spice girls song.
 We played that game where you make a wedding dress out of crepe paper and stuff!  
The cake I made.  It was pretty yummy!
It was a really fun party and quite a few people came.  Kerrie loved it!  Then a couple of days later I went and made chocolates with her.  She wanted to give everyone at the wedding handmade chocolates!
A pretty poor Instagram pic, but we made literally hundreds of these little heart chocolates in dark, milk, and white chocolate!  She wanted everyone to have 5 chocolates and there were like 90 guests.  I think we probably made too many!  I also went and helped her fold little chocolate boxes another day!
Kerrie did a reading at my wedding, so she asked me to do one for her as well!  I was nervous but I think I read well. It was the Corinthians reading, love is patient, love is kind, etc.  
The service was beautiful!  Kerrie had 5 bridesmaids, two of her nieces and three were John's daughters from his previous marriage.  I just think it is wonderful that Kerrie has this new family to love!
When she walked down the aisle me, my mum, and Shona all burst into tears, we were so happy and she looked so happy and beautiful.  She didn't stop smiling all day!
My friend Rohan took the photos (see the advantages of having a youthgroup), just like he took ours.  I can't wait to see them all in a few weeks.  
The reception was at a restaurant called The Lobby, where Julia Gillard famously lost her shoe in a protest. It was a lovely reception!  I got to sit next to Shona and we behaved like silly 16 year olds which was SO FUN.  My parents were also invited to the reception so it was particularly nice.  Sorry about the poor quality photos, but here they are!
 Poor Charles had a really bad cold, he was doped up on Codral!!
 Me and Shona being awesome.
The only photo taken with a flash - me and my rad parents.  Dad is wearing his bicycle tie.
So I know it's not particularly interesting to people who don't know Kerrie, but this is what has been occupying my thoughts and time for the past few weeks.  Many things about the wedding were handmade: the invitations, place cards, chocolates and chocolate boxes, chocolate box cards, and pew decorations.  I feel really lucky that Kerrie let me help for her special day!


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