Out and about - recent snaps

This is the last day of my school holidays, and it's been very nice to not work!  But unfortunately I've been sick for most of it - just a vague, niggling, annoying kind of sickness that's really starting to make me crazy.  But here's what I've been up to:

 Charles and I did a little performance of his ipad works at a gallery opening.  Rad photo from our friend Rohan!
Me with the setup before the lights changed.

 It was my birthday the other week and my awesome Mum made me a sewing machine birthday cake!! Because I got a sewing machine recently!

 Cute photo of terraniums and succulents, in the fashionable part of town.

 We made an amazing dinner of Bolognese Mac 'n' Cheese from this website, and it was pretty rad, yummy, dense, and lasted us for about four meals each.  Srsly delicious you guys.

 Crafts!  I've been knitting and needle felting recently!
 My first thing - a little soot ball.
 Schnauzer - pretty weird but ok!
And my knitting progress.  This cardigan is going to take forever!


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