Arts and Crafts Show Haul

It was three weeks ago now, but I've only just managed to blog about the end of the Arts and Crafts Show!
 Here is Sticks and Tones (aka me and charles) playing, and our friend Steve came along and played some drums for us!

Here's all the stuff I bought!
Almond bread and chocolates, a tea towel and a purse.

 Lots of cards I bought. I always buy cards from this lady, and then I use up the cards all year.

 A potato pot!  These pots are made of terracotta, and you microwave your potatoes inside them.  They make the potatoes really fluffy and delicious.

 Some garden mushrooms, also terracotta.  They look so cute in my garden!

I thought this pin cushion was tricky, it's for storing your machine needles in little labelled sections!


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