Some quick snaps of Arts and Crafts Show!

Our church's Arts and Crafts Show is on today, tomorrow, and Sunday.  Charles and I are playing as Sticks and Tones tomorrow at 1:30, 2:40, and 3:40 - a 30 minute set each time.
Here are some photos I took last night when we were setting everything up!
 Beautiful knitted capes and scarves!


Such a little cutie :-)

I know this is overexposed, but those corrugated iron magpies sell out like hotcakes usually - they're little garden ornaments.  Cute leather bags too.

One half of a wall of art

A small portion of the jam.

A pretty cool wooden motorcycle!

Gorgeous earrings - cool interesting marbling on the metal.

LOTS of POTS - I checked this lady in, she has done a lot of work

And my favourite with amazing vase and tealight designs.  She imprinted the clay with her grandmother's doilies to make the designs!

The show starts in 45 minutes from now and goes until 5pm Sunday.  Also it's my birthday tomorrow!  I'll be 26!


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