Nympheas Jumper - COMPLETED!

I've finally finished my Nympheas jumper!
Pattern: Nympheas by Susannah Hill
Started: March 5th 2013
Finished: June 13th 2013
Yarn: Bendigo Woolen Mills "Classic" 5ply, in Seaquest
Link to my project page on Ravelry, with further notes.
 This jumper is pieced - front, back, arms, and then the neckline is picked up and knitted.  The front and back are worked exactly the same except for the neckline.  Arms are symmetrical.  It was a pretty easy pattern to follow once I worked out the lace pattern.
I made a long-sleeved version of this jumper, instead of the cap sleeves in the pattern.  To do this, I just cast on 34 stitches instead of 58, and gradually increased up my arm.  I was worried they were going to be a little long but they turned out just fine.
The little picot edgings are lovely!
 The neckline was a bit of a worry.  Because you don't decrease, there's a danger it can flop out.  To solve the problem (mine did flop a bit), I threaded some yarn around the edge on the inside and pulled it slightly tighter.  Now my neckline isn't stretchy but it doesn't flop or sag.
There's a tiny bit of extra bulge near my underarms at the front - don't know why, and it doesn't really bother me.  It goes away if I pull it down a bit.
I really need to learn how to join nicely!  I did it in such a rush because I just wanted to wear it!
This jumper is so beautifully fitted!
I've literally been wearing this every day since I finished it about ten days ago.  I love it so much!  It goes with so many clothes in my wardrobe and I'm so proud of myself.  This jumper took a long time to make - much longer than my other cardigan - but it's so worth it.  The wool keeps me nice and warm.  I just love this jumper!!
A nice thing happened the first day I wore this.  I went to the wool shop to get some needles for my next project, and the shop lady complimented me, asked my username on ravelry, and wanted to know the pattern to make it herself!  She like it so much, I was really thrilled :-) The knitting community is lovely!
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