Korea haul - Snail cream and Syn-ake cream masks!

Recently my lovely husband Charles went to Korea for a conference. He came back with a whole lot of lovely presents for me - mostly sheet masks, since they're apparently the thing in Korea right now!
First there is a huge pack of sheet masks.  "Baviphat Snail Cure Mask Sheet"
 And "Syn-ake" sheet mask.  There were 14 of each!
Look at all that masky goodness!
Next a bunch of single masks that Charles was given randomly.  I'm really looking forward to using the pearl extract one!
 My friend Lisa was also at the conference and she sent some sockies home with Charles for me!  They're so cute, thanks Lisa!
 Samples of cleansing stuff and some exciting CC cream!
 Lisa also sent me some cute earrings, and a lip crayon and sharpener.  This colour is really beautiful when worn, yay!

Me trying out my SYN-ake cream mask.  SYNAKE is a synthetic substance that mimics some kind of snake venom.  It's supposed to stop wrinkles by actually paralysing your face muscles so they don't go into folds.  Not creepy at all!  There are lots of articles online about the uses of snail cream and synake, so go and google!  As for me, it was just a nice sheet mask and I enjoyed it!  I think the snail cream made my face feel nicer and smoother than the synake, but I don't really know if either did anything.  It's such fun to try out these things!  Thanks Charles!


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