I bought an Overlocker!

I swear I didn't go to Lincraft intending to buy an overlocker.  But then there was this Toyota "differential feeder" on mega-sale and I thought why not! Overlockers seem like super fun!
 Here's all the stuff that came in the box: three warranties, a manual, pedal, cover, and packet of some bits and bobs.
 It came threaded so of course I went ahead and did some overlocking!
 There's a threading diagram on the inside.  This is not nearly as difficult to thread as the ones at CIT (no tubes to thread through thank goodness).  However, I am having some issues with it.  A few times it would stop catching the bottom thread mid-seam and just sew nothing.  Each time I re-threaded it and it started again for a while.  I *think* I identified where I was threading it wrong, but if this keeps happening I'm going to have to call up the 1800 number.  
Each time I re-threaded this it took about 15 minutes... it's hard threading an overlocker!  You need long tweezers to get the thread where it needs to go.  I've already broken both needles, so at least I now know how to change them!  I am having fun but it hasn't been all smooth sailing... we're going to have to work at this relationship!


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