How to cut your own hair straight!

Last time I cut my hair, I did a layered cut.  Tutorial here!

This time, I wanted a straight cut.  I want my hair to be like Sarah's in Labyrinth.  Here she is:
 See how nice and straight the cut is?  No layers in that cut.
Now my hair has layers quite high up, so I'll need to grow it out a bit before the whole thing can be straight.
Onto the tutorial!
Here I am before my haircut, all raggy daggy ends!

Brush it all out so that there are no tangles.  If you have curly hair it might be best to straighten it at this point.  Mine is straight enough so I don't need to.

Part your hair where you normally do so it won't be crooked when you part it later.

Put it in a ponytail at the nape of your neck, making sure there are no lumps.

Grasp the elastic and pull it downwards.  Not outwards!

Stop when you have a little ponytail at the end.  The elastic is your guide for cutting!

Snippy snip!  Straight across.

Repeat the whole process a few times to even it out.  

Here's what mine looked like when I finished!  Straight across the back.

At the front you can still see my higher layers, but eventually it'll be all grown out!  I'm going to keep cutting it like this so that I can have hair like Sarah's!


  1. I REALLY wish I'd seen this guide before I decided ''what the hey... I'll cut my OWN hair!'' last week! It's definitely not straight, but hey... thank goodness for curls!

    Thanks for the excellent tips :)

  2. This was really an interesting topic and I kinda agree what you have mentioned here!

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  3. Hi buddy,
    Googled how to cut my own hair, up popped your tutorial, out came the scissors and the floor mop on top of my head has disappeared!! Great tutorial, thank you so so much! I love my new hair :)

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