Fabric haul! Cambie dress progress!

Yesterday a friend from church emailed me saying she was going through her fabric and I should come over and take whatever I wanted!  It seems that she's had a lifetime of sewing and doesn't want to do it any more, and her children and grandchildren aren't interested in sewing.  Of course I rushed over to have a look and I ended up with quite a large pile:
So let's go through it!

Cotton - about 1 metre of this cute 70s print fabric.

Broderie anglaise

2 huge lengths of seersucker.  I really love the pattern on the left one - a pretty pale blue - and I love the deep forest green of the other.  What should I make with this?

These two bits of fabric were obviously bought at the same time with the intention of making some kind of contrasting garment.  Blue with green and white spots and green with blue and white spots!

Similar to above, these two also match - navy with white spots and white with navy spots!

I love this printed cotton - it's a bit stiff though.  I'd like to make some kind of top or even dress.  Is it too busy for that?

This is a very big yardage of a very soft cottony silk fabric.  I'd love to make a blouse of this, it reminds me of the kind of thing my mum wore in the 70s.
"Federated Fashion Fabrics" - sounds very Australian to me.

This is a jazzy dark green polyester with geometric shapes and lines!  I'd love to make a full on dress out of this, it'd be amazing!  ("jazzy" chrissy? you sound like your nana)

More broderie anglaise, with a cute cameo on it.  Pity there's only a tiny amount. 

This one still has the price tag so I guess it wasn't used.  Cotton dot fabric in a peachy tan colour.

And lastly this enormous length of a floral linen fabric.  It's huge!

There were a couple more that were too puny to show you.  What am I going to do with this??

 Also, here's the progress on my Cambie dress.  I bought this lovely fabric from Lincraft which is a cotton-elastine blend.  I adore the print but I'm worried it's a bit thick for this pattern. 
The shell of the dress is nearly done - I just need to sew in the zipper (which I suck at) and take it in a bit at the sides.
Isn't the fabric gorgeous?  Unfortunately it marks, so whenever I have to unpick something I can see the white elastine showing.  I'm a bit upset about that since this fabric was really expensive - $22 per metre!  I really need to find some good online places to buy fabric.


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