What have I been DOING???

It's been a busy few weeks here at Christina HQ. As a result, I haven't managed to upload a blog in over a week!  Bad Chrissy!

Here's what I've been up to:

Firstly, I had a big assignment due yesterday for my Fibres and Fabrics course at CIT.  It was all of our work from the whole term.  I'm not used to doing actual homework anymore so it took forever.
Here's one of the things I had to do: create a *new* fabric! It was really hard to think of something original (and even now I'm not sure that I did)! I kind of developed a technique that everyone already knows - braiding! I was braiding my hair and thought "Why don't I do this with 30 strands instead of three?" and so I did.  The thing about this fabric is that it has no separate weft (the horizontal strands), only warp (the vertical strands). This is because the warp is drawn through the weft and left on the other side.
I tied all my strands to a coathanger to create the tension and braided it!  Like a huge friendship bracelet.
 Not sure how I'll go on that part of the assignment.  It's a pass/fail course, so I probably won't get much feedback either.  I think I'll pass.

Secondly, my parents have gone away to Europe for 5 weeks! They left on Sunday afternoon.  For weeks they've been planning and booking and researching their trip, and I've been helping in any way I could.  I gave them a bunch of things from when I went away (noise-cancelling headphones for plane, sleeping pills, Oyster cards for the Underground, etc.) and have been trying to calm their anxieties.  I took them to the bus on Sunday and they arrived in London late late late last night.  I think they're going to have a ball!

Thirdly, I've been planning out my Autumn holidays.  We're going to Melbourne on Friday until Monday! We're going to be doing SUCH FUN things! Will keep you posted on our trip as it happens.

Other than that, it's been work as usual.  We've been watching a lot of 30 Rock while doing our homework.  Why did I not adore this show while it was actually on???


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