Violet Le Beaux visits Canberra!

A couple of weeks ago, Violet LeBeaux and Jimmy America came to Canberra as part of the Human Brochure tourism campaign.  
Check out her blogs for day 1, day 2, and day 3.  We hung out on day 2, the Saturday.
Here's her vlog for the day, Charles and I actually played her theme tune! 

So I have been reading Violet's blog for a really long time.  Years!  I always really liked her style and how she likes to make things!  I also like to make things, so I felt we'd be good friends.  When she got a  puppy I emailed her something cute about doggies and we made friends over email.  So when Violet found out they would be coming to Canberra for the Human Brochure, she got in touch asking if we could finally meet!

On that Saturday, we picked James and Violet up from the NatLib where they'd spend the morning.  Then the 4 of us went to Braddon to get a cup of tea and look at the cool shops.
And she really does bring Bergamot Bunny everywhere with her! What a funny bunny.  We chatted about cameras and internet things and stuff! I can't even remember, but I remember having a nice time.

We had a look at the new Lonsdale St Traders shops, which were very hipster, and then we went to our house for a cool drink and a little rest.

That's when we did some music for them!  And they also had a go on our instruments :-) Violet and James are both accomplished musicians, THE MOAR YOU KNOW.
And she really is that gorgeous in person.
And look!  I'm taller than someone :-)
After a while we took them back to the hotel so they could go on the next tour.  It sounded like an exhausting tour, so I was glad we gave them a chance to relax a bit.  I felt like the four of us got along really well! I was sad we didn't bother getting photos of all of us together.  Next time!
Violet has lots more pictures from that day so you should check them out here!


  1. Thank you so much for the awesome photos! I loved your post and I can't believe you're taller than me with my shoes and my big hair XD Totally unfair! I'm going to try to grow before you visit Melbourne for a rematch :P


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