Nail art!

Last night I did some nail art!  I roughly used a tutorial that BubzBeauty did on youtube.  I couldn't get it quite as pretty as her but I'm pretty happy with the results!  It kind of looks like easter eggs.

I used a hot pink, a blue, and a mauve as the base, and then applied white with a toothpick.  My nail polish never seems to last very long for some reason, I think my nails are bendy.

Also look what arrived in the mail!
My Thurlow trousers and Cambie dress patterns!  Can't wait to make these.  I remember about five years ago, I saw a girl in a silver dress which looked like the Cambie dress, I bought some fabric but never found a good pattern.  I might have gone off the idea of a silver dress, but we'll see!  We're going to make trousers for our course at CIT so I might get to make the Thurlows then. 


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