Maybelline Lipsticks - review and swatches.

I shall now share with you my favourite lipsticks!  I havefour Maybelline lipsticks in Shocking Coral, Pink & Poper, Pink Peony, Juicy Bubblegum.
I really love their square shiny tubes.

As you can see, my Pink Peony one is the most used.  

Juicy Bubblegum
When I first got this one, it seemed to be really sheer. But as I used it, it became more pigmented. I think maybe there was some coating on the lipstick when I got it that made it less pigmented at first.
It's a kind of light mauve-pink. Very cute!  This lipstick is shiny without being shimmery.  I'd almost use this one as a gloss.

Pink and Proper
This is my latest addition.  It's a lovely warm pink with a bit of shimmer to it.  I know it's not really *fashionable*, but I love shimmery lipsticks as they don't emphasise cracked skin and you can afford to be a bit messier with them.  I wear this colour a lot!

Pink Peony
I've had this one the longest and I love it to bits!  It's very similar to Pink Peony, only a little darker and more sultry.  Beautifully pigmented!

Shocking Coral
So when I got this I was confused by the name because this is really a HOT pink. Not really coral.  However, this lipstick is amazing!  Extremely pigmented and a gorgeous colour.  I wouldn't have normally picked this colour (remember I thought I was getting coral), but I adore this lipstick and wear it on weekends quite a bit!  The pigment is so strong it stays for hours even through eating.  It kind of stains.

All of these lipsticks have proved to be quite pigmented (especially the Shocking Coral), beautifully moisturising, non-irritating, and pleasant smelling.  My pictures really don't do them justice!  I really love these lipsticks!  Can't wait to expand my collection.


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