I did not write a blog post yesterday.

For the past couple of months I've been working hard to publish three blog posts every week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I wonder if anyone noticed! The past few weeks it's been super hard to do! Teaching is back in full swing and I've run out of scheduled posts. I'll keep trying but sometimes I just can't quite do it.
But here's what's been happening with me!
Today was Charles' birthday! He's now 27. I gave him a PS3 for his birthday about a week ago, so I made a birthday cake with an icing PS3 controller on it. It was really delicious and photos to come! Tomorrow is the family lunch for his birthday.
This past week I've been feeling randomly sick, and it's gotten me down a lot. It makes me feel so weak and stupid when I have to go to bed early or come home from work sick. My confidence and self worth are closely tied to me achieving at my job (teaching percussion) and feeling healthy. So I just feel like the suckiest person right now.
But something good - it's autumn! I think I like autumn best of all, because it's such a blessed relief after the hot summer. I love cold nights, perfect for snuggling down with a doona.
So maybe I'll post less, or maybe I'll just post easier things sometimes! We'll see, but my blog will live on anyway :-)


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