How to cut your own hair

Today I gave my hair a bit of a trim at home.  I've been trimming my hair every few weeks recently to keep it healthy and nice.  The last time I went to the hairdresser was in August when I was getting married!  This haircut gives you some nice layers which are shorter at the front and longer in the back.  Here's how you can do it yourself!

Start with straight hair - either use a straightener or do this when your hair is wet.  My hair was already straight enough for me.

 Comb all your hair forwards, making sure it's lying flat on your head.  Comb out any knots and tangles.

 Tie your hair in a ponytail at the centre top of your forehead, right in the middle of your hairline.
 Make sure it's tight and not bumpy.
Now tie another hair tie around your ponytail and slowly pull it down the hair, evenly.  Pull it down to just above where you want to cut.

 This acts as a guide for you and also keeps the hair all together. Snippy snip!  Cut straight across and try to make it all the same length.
 See?  Like a horse's tail.

Now take the whole thing out and repeat these previous steps.  You'll probably find that it's a bit uneven when you look at it again.  

Then I like to use a comb to double check the evenness again.  Here's where you can get a bit obsessive trying to make it completely even. My advice: know when to let go and say "it's even!"

All done! Here's what it looks like from the back.  You can kind of see the layers in there. It turns into a nice U-shape.
 It gives a nice shape at the front too!

All done!  My hair feels nice again!  Good luck if you try this method, I've been using it for a few months now and it's super easy and effective!


  1. I did this and it was awesome! :)

  2. It really does work :-) that's going to save me loads of money now

  3. Awesome guide. I just cut my own hair like this, and it looks great! Mine is curly and thick, so it was hard to get the cut exactly even. But on curly hair, the ends don't have to be 100% even anyway... helps hide mistakes :)


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