Sticks and Tones gig at the Campbell shops

On saturday we had a gig for The Musical Offering, a project for the centenary of Canberra where there's a free concert every day!

It was super hot - 36 degrees!  Or 97F for those who aren't used to celcius.
 We set up right near a cafe.
I like that there are three kids bikes in this photo.
 When we packed up it was getting really hot!  We started playing at 11am, by the time we were done packing up it was around 12:30.  Funny, looking at the pictures it doesn't look hot at all!
I changed my shoes to pack up, unfortunately!  I play in heels because my xylophone is pretty high, or is it the other way round?  My dress is from Review, it's my going-away outfit from my wedding (except that I totally changed into jeans to go away).

Next saturday we're playing at the Yarralumla shops at 11am!  Canberrans, be there!


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