Simple knitted beanie(s) pattern!

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I just finished knitting a beanie from the leftover yarn from my Miette cardigan.  I don't know if I'd actually *wear* it with the cardigan, since it's all a bit matchy-matchy but I love it!  I'm going to wear it a lot in winter, so comfy and warm.
But this is actually the FIFTH TIME I've made this pattern.  Firstly  I made a dark burgundy one for my good friend who went through chemo and needed a hat.  She loved it so much and wore it almost every day of her bald period, and I knitted her another one in white too.  She wore the white one for "good".
The red hat before I gave it away.  Yes I'm wearing a mens flanny.
I also knitted a cream coloured one for my mum, and then a nice dark blue one for Charles!  I made Charles' one bigger than the ladies' ones so it was nice and comfy and roomy, and then I put a pompon on top!  And now he loves it!
 So here's the pattern!  It's from the March 1973 edition of Stitchcraft (do they still make that?).
You'll need some nice 8 ply (worsted weight) yarn (I used a bit less than 2 50g skeins), and some 3.25mm needles (UK size 10, or US size 3), and 4mm needles (UK size 8, or US size 6).

With the 3.25mm needles, CO 108 sts. Work 6.5 inches of k3, p3 rib, decreasing 3 sts evenly on last row: 105sts.
Change to 4mm needles and starting with a k row, work straight in stocking-stitch until hat measures 2 inches from top of ribbing.

Shape as follows: 
1st row: k. 7, (k. 2 tog., k. 9) 8 times, k. 2 tog., k. 8. 96 sts. 
2nd row and every alternate row: purl.
3rd row: (k. 6, k. 2 tog.) 12 times: 84 sts.
5th row: (k. 5, k. 2 tog.) 12 times: 72 sts.
7th row: (k. 4, k. 2 tog.) 12 times: 60 sts.
9th row: (k. 3, k. 2 tog.) 12 times: 48 sts.
11th row: (k. 2, k. 2 tog.) 12 times: 36 sts.
13th row: (k. 2, k. 2 tog.) 12 times: 24 sts.
15th row: (k. 2 tog.) 12 times: 12 sts.
17th row: (k. 3 tog.) 4 times: 4 sts.

Break yarn, thread through remaining sts, draw up tightly and fasten off.
To make up, press and join back seam with remaining yarn (I used a crochet hook). Fold ribbing in half to right side, or wear as desired. You can also make a pompon for extra cute.

To make Charles' hat bigger, I cast on 12 extra stitches initially, so that at the end of the ribbing I had decreased 3 sts to 117.  Then the shaping:
1st row:  k. 9, (k. 2 tog., k 10) 8 times, k. 2 tog., k. 10. 108 sts.
3rd row: (k. 7, k. 2 tog.) 12 times: 96 sts.
5th row: as for 3rd row in above pattern.
7th row: as for 5th row.

So basically you extend the shaping by one row, but still decrease 12 sts each time.  You could make it even bigger if you wanted!  Sometimes I like to wear Charles' hat because it's so roomy and comfy, so you might want to just make a bigger one!

I hope this pattern is useful!  It's honestly a really great hat!
Matchy matchy!


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