OOTD Sunday 10th Feb 2013 - Loli meetup

On Sunday I went to a Lolita meetup at the Multicultural Festival.  Luckily it wasn't as hot as Saturday when we played our gig at the shops!  Still we got super hot walking around in the sun.
 I don't really wear Lolita any more because I don't find it comfortable and I don't like being asked questions.  So I went understated.  I have a couple of photos from the meet, but I don't know if the others wanted their photos on my blog!
 My outfit is hardly Lolita at all really.  But I was happy with what I wore and the girls were all nice.
 One policeman came up to our group and started asking really rude questions.  I was astonished that a policeman would be so rude!  But the multicultural festival was really fun.  It's bigger than in past years and there were heaps of music and dance things going on, as well as hundreds of food stalls.  When we got too hot we ducked into the mall.
Dress: Mur Melche
Shoes: Payless.


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