OOTD and my dressing table

 I have added four little crystal bowls to my dressing table to help display my things!
It really helps me see everything I have.
When things are so neat and pretty, it encourages me to keep this nice and use them more.  I always have had a problem of being messy but I hope this will help! 

 Also, I thought I'd share my favourite perfume - Dior's Hypnotic Poison. I love the bottle, it looks like a poisoned apple from Snow White!  It's a beautiful fruity smell, it always makes me hungry somehow. Charles bought me this and I wore it on our wedding day, so it's my signature scent!  Whenever anyone asks me what I'm wearing, I just say "Dior" because "Hypnotic Poison" sounds too erotic and I get embarrassed *_*

And an outfit!  I am feeling so happy today and my pictures turned out really well because of it :-)
Skirt: Handmade.  I took it up a bit because it was daggy, and I'm so pleased with the length now.
Shoes: DFO
Top: H&M

Have a lovely day!


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