A couple of purchases :-)

I am really excited about these two things!!!

Firstly, some brown sandals I've been looking for for AGES!  I didn't have any sandals because I've been away for so many summers, but it seems like the only colours in fashion are coral (pretty, but makes my feet look nude), light tan (again makes my feet look nude), black (very nice, but a bit work-y), or mint (very pretty, but doesn't go with my wardrobe).  I really wanted some dark brown sandals to go with my dark blue skirts and dresses.

I found them!!!  After so long searching!

 They go so well with my wardrobe and they are pretty comfortable!  I love the low-ish heel, it makes any outfit look a bit better.
I have literally been wearing them nonstop.

My second purchase is if possible EVEN MORE EXCITING.  I bought a coat from Alannah Hill!
This coat took me ages to actually buy.  I went with mum to DFO and we looked at the coats in Alannah Hill, because they were all 20% off the already reduced prices!  There were a couple I liked, but I couldn't decide and it was still a lot of money.  I wanted a new "good" coat because my old red Japan coat is getting very tired.  I'll probably still wear it for everyday though.
 This coat was actually not my first choice, there was another one with a fur hood I liked more at first.  Anyhow I went home and came back the next day with Charles, because I figured he'd have to look at me wearing whatever I buy.  We looked at the composition of the coats and the one I originally liked was all polyester.  Ew!  Whereas THIS coat (which both Charles and my mum preferred), was wool and cashmere!  It's going to be so much warmer in Winter!  Charles commented that the colour is a sort of vintage-red, not like the modern darker reds.  It's like a fire engine.
I'm so glad I bought this one now :-) The other one had toggle closures which means there was a slight gap in the front.  Chilly in winter! This one is so classic. It was marked down to $229 from like $550, and then another 20% off which took it to $183!  Bargain! And I ADORE it.
 The lining is beautiful ballerinas :-)
 With my new sandals :-) What, it's summer!
It reminds me of some BTSSB coats with a similar empire line.  Except less frills. And more RAD.
I love that photo.
And they're my purchases!


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