A couple of outfits from this weekend

So you know how I wrote about wanting to make my own Luck be a Lady Dress using my own dress as a pattern? I started unpicking and immediately got way too scared and stopped.  And then I saw the green and purple ones come back into stock on Modcloth, so...
Cardigan: Can't remember, Valleygirl maybe?  1000 years old.
Shoes: Big W

 Luck Be A Lady Dress in Violet
Cardigan also from Modcloth but not on the site anymore
Tights for Every Occasion in Mustard

I'm pretty much entirely dressed by Modcloth these days.  It seems like they're the only dresses I really love and wear all the time, I guess because I agonised over them on the website for weeks before purchasing anything. My dresses that I bought in shops are often really cute in the shop, but then when they're home I think "Huh. Why did I buy this?"

In this weekend's Canberra Times, my lovely green Luck Be A Lady dress was in the fashion segment!  I was like "What I've only had this dress for ONE DAY and already everyone knows where I got it." But I love my two new dresses, they fit perfectly and because they're solids I can wear more interesting accessories with them!


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