The Anna Skirt progress!

Well, things are slowly settling down at my new place.  We now have two desks to work at, and both our instruments are in!  I've resumed work on some sewing projects.

Currently I'm making a skirt for my friend Anna (she lives in Melbourne so if it doesn't fit when I sent it to her... bah, it WILL fit).  It's a McCall's pattern M5591 view A.

The fabric is some I bought from Spoonflower, which was an absolute pleasure to use!  For those of you who don't know, on Spoonflower people can upload their own designs which can be printed on fabric.  There are thousands of designs to choose from, and if you don't like any, just do one of your own!  This is the fabric we chose, it's called Seedpods, but we thought it looked so much more like marimba mallets (she's a percussionist like me)!

n.b. The fabric came in the mail beautifully wrapped and their business card is printed on a piece of fabric, you guys. So cute.

It turned out that the print was a bunch larger than I expected... These guys are the size of bass drum beaters, not marimba mallets!

Here's my progress! Skirt part done, pleats and pockets all went very well.
Today I went out and bought some more thread and a matching zipper to finish.  I need to attach the waistband and hem it yet.  The hem is going to be huge.  I made a boo boo with the length! Like that bottom-most seed pod will most likely be folded over entirely. This is because in the pattern the bottom section is a contrasting fabric, with a giant hem.  I didn't realise the hem was going to be giant when I cut T_T

The hold up has been my sewing machine situation.  I picked up an unwanted sewing machine that was by the side of the road.  At the time I had NO sewing machine, and thought "Something's better than nothing!" and to be fair, it does work.  But.  It's a Pfaff 1196, which I estimate is more than 30 years old.  It's clunky.  So I've been avoiding sewing which is lame.  Also, I just got my desk.  So hopefully I'll be able to finish this in the next few days!  Fingers crossed that the machine doesn't clunk off its mortal coil.

In other news, damn it's been hot. Anyone who doesn't believe in climate change ought to come to Australia right now and tell it to our faces.  I can hardly remember a time when it's been so hot for so many days.  We don't have an air conditioner (only just cracked and bought an evaporative cooler) so it's pretty uncomfortable here right now.  Not exactly weather for sitting at a sewing machine.  My day goes like this:
Get up -> Put on nice dress -> change into cooler daggy dress -> Try to do something useful -> too hot -> watch tennis with a cool drink.  I've also been getting into kids TV since it's been on.  I'm a big fan of Horrible Histories and Good Game.  And the Aquabats Super Show, obvs.

Ok no more blogs for now bye!


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